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13 Best Yoga Retreats in Tuscany [2023]

Are you looking at yoga retreats in Tuscany? Look no further, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular, the highest-rated, and some of the most special.

Tuscany, a storybook region in west-central Italy, consists mainly of gently rolling hills, vineyards, and olive orchards. It also, however, has almost 250 miles of coastline, some mountainous terrain, and is home to the well-known city of Florence.

Tuscany’s open spaces, lush gardens, and traditional villas provide the perfect environment to relax, unwind, and marinate in the la dolce vita.

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13 Best Yoga Retreats in Tuscany

Without further ado, find your dream Tuscany yoga retreat below.

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#1. 7-Day Move Beyond Yoga and Breathwork Retreat

 RATING: 5/5 | 📅 DATES: SEP. 30 – OCT. 6, 2023 | 💳 BOOK NOW

bedroom at a yoga retreat in tuscany

📍 Location: Ebbio Estate in the heart of Tuscany

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes – airport transfer from Geneva airport is included

💥 Highlights: the accommodations, quiet time for stillness and reflection

Located at the dreamy Ebbio Estate farmhouse, and led by Keur Wellness. The focus of this retreat is looking inward and tending to yourself. There is a lot of solo time built in for stillness, reading in the garden, or walking the grounds.

You will have silent mornings with meditations, mantras, dynamic yoga classes (some more lively with music and some more restorative), and evenings with deep breathwork and Yin Yoga.

Ebbio is located on an organic farm, and all of your meals will be prepared using its produce.

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#2. 4-Day Fitness, Hiking, and Yoga Holiday

 RATING: 4.5 | 📅 DATES: Year-Round | 💳 BOOK NOW

two women practicing yoga in tuscany

📍 Location: La Forra Hotel in the Tuscan countryside

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Available for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Pick your own dates and stay for as long as you want, one of the most popular yoga retreats in Italy

This retreat is designed for those who like to stay active while also enjoying some time to relax and explore.

There are two yoga classes offered each day, as well as a variety of HIIT, barre, functional, and circuit training sessions. To relax and turn inward, there are guided meditations and sun salutation workshops. You can participate in up to three classes/sessions per day!

To balance out the physical activity, you can join in on the bi-weekly olive oil and wine tasting at a nearby vineyard, hike in the beautiful Tuscan woods, attend the occasional aperitivo social, or simply relax by the pool.

#3. 7-Day Nourish and Flow: Yoga, Pilates, and Mindfulness Retreat

 RATING: New! | 📅 DATES: Oct. 14 – 20, 2023 | 💳 BOOK NOW

charming bedroom at a yoga retreat in tuscany

📍 Location: Ebbio Estate in the heart of Tuscany

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes, from Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport

💥 Highlights: Soul-enriching, embraces la dolce vita, variety of low-impact movement

You guys… this estate. It is simply perfect and stunning. Nestled in the forest, featuring earthly colors, exposed brick and beams, tile floors, beautiful antique pieces, and luxury linens.

Of course, it’s not all about the accommodations. Luckily, this retreat delivers on all fronts. You will have two movement classes per day – yoga, barre, pilates, or dance. A couple of workshops and excursions are mixed in as well. Including but not limited to an Italian cooking class, playing in the fields, wine tasting, and bathing in the river.

For true body and soul nourishment, you can’t miss this retreat. You will truly embrace la dolce vita with Wildly Well Retreats.

#4. Exclusive Wellness, Detox, Massage, and Yoga Holiday

 RATING: 4.5/5 | 📅 DATES: Year-Round | 💳 BOOK NOW

people practicing yoga on a deck in tuscany

📍 Location: Villa Shanti Yoga and Meditation in Marciana, Tuscany, Italy (an island off the coast)

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: Daily massage, coastline

The name says it all. Spend a full week practicing yoga twice daily, getting daily massages, swimming, and eating home-cooked Mediterranean meals (from the garden and the sea) every night.

There are two small villages within walking distance of your villa – Marciana and Poggio. These towns are the antithesis of a busy lifestyle. Small beachside restaurants, mostly Italian population, and simply romantic cobblestone streets and Tuscan buildings. You’ll be in heaven. Honestly, it’s like an affordable, tourist-free Amalfi.

Opportunities to go hiking, walking on the beach, biking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, or just relaxing in the garden.

#5. Creative Awakening & Yoga Wellness Retreat

 RATING: 4.5/5 | 📅 DATES: May/Sep./Oct. ’23 | 💳 BOOK NOW

man and woman doing partner yoga in a meadow

📍 Location: Chianti wine district of Tuscany, Italy

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: Near Florence, Intuition painting

This is a great retreat for anyone who plans on spending some time in Florence, as it’s only 45 minutes outside of the city. With that being said, it will feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and went back in time. There are few yoga retreats in Florence, so just outside is a nice option.

While yoga and meditation will bring you inward on this retreat, the facilitators and activities will connect you with your creative flow and the other retreat participants. If a community is something you feel you are missing this would be a great retreat for you.

Stay in a renovated 16th-century, family-held medieval stone compound on a producing olive grove. Swim in the large pool, forage berries, meditate, practice yoga, and paint. Does it get dreamier than that?

#6. 5-Day Private Luxury Spiritual Yoga, Meditation, & Healing Retreat

 RATING: 4.8/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

person in a hot spring pool in tuscany

📍 Location: Bagno Vignoni, a little medieval village located in the “Tuscan Hills

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes, for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Private (you alone or with a partner), thermal baths, tailor-made

One of the best yoga retreats in Italy, Move Beyond.it Retreats creates an exclusive individualized retreat for you alone or you and a partner.

Retreat hosts Tanya and Michael will help you break down limiting beliefs, open your heart, and release energy blockages through three private sessions a day. These will vary and may be in the form of one on one walks in the garden, energy healing sessions, and intentional yoga.

Stay in a historic spa hotel with outdoor hot springs pools overlooking the Tuscan hills. This will without a doubt be a transformational, healing retreat.

Don’t forget to get travel insurance for your trip!  Safety Wing is my choice!

#7. 6-Day Path of the Feminine: Holistic Yoga Retreat for Soul-Minded Women

 RATING: 4.5 | 📅 DATES: May 25-30, 2023 | 💳 BOOK NOW

two women frolicking in dresses at a yoga retreat in tuscany

📍 Location: Stone Villa in the Val d’Orcia Valley

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Available for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Pre and post-retreat meetings, women only, 3 hours of 1:1

The dreamiest of dreamy retreats. This all women’s retreat aims to help you tap into your feminine superpowers.

In addition to twice daily yoga, meditation, holistic workshops, and evening rituals, prepare to laugh, play, and leave with some forever friendships.

You will stay at an incredible villa with breathtaking views and a huge pool. So, don’t forget your sunhat!

#8. 4-Day Private Luxury Life-Changing Couple Tantra Retreat

 RATING: 4.5 | 📅 DATES: Year-Round | 💳 BOOK NOW

couples yoga retreat in tuscany

📍 Location: Villa Borri (renovated Tuscan farmhouse) in the Tuscan countryside

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Available for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Private couples retreat, thermal pools,

This couple retreat is 100% customized to the couple. You will have both shared classes and individual private sessions. Each day can and likely will look different.

In addition to movement, retreat hosts Tanya and Michal work with each of you on nutrition guidance, spiritual guidance, couples coaching, and tantric (non-sexual) teaching.

You will stay in a luxury villa with large thermal pools and views of the Tuscan hills.

#9. 8-Day Hatha Yoga and Horse Riding Holiday

 RATING: 5/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

woman petting two haflinger horses in at a retreat in tuscany

📍 Location: Cornacchino (small farm) in Castell’Azzara

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Available for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Daily riding lessons with Fabio!! More affordable

Wowie, at this special retreat you will practice yoga each morning – Hatha or Nidra, and spend time with the horses in the afternoon. You will either be riding or learning about communication and leadership with horses.

In your free time, enjoy the property, join in on a sound healing session, walk through the meadows, or get to know your fellow retreat participants.

Accommodations are charming, rustic, and basic but very comfortable and clean. They clearly care deeply for their horses. They are all well taken care of and well trained – very gentle and perfect for beginners/intermediates.

#10. 4-Day Yoga, Reiki, and Pranayama Retreat with Spa

 RATING: 4.5/5 | 📅 DATES: Year-Round | 💳 BOOK NOW

villa in tuscany

📍 Location: Villa Borri (renovated Tuscan farmhouse) in the Tuscan countryside

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Available for an additional cost

💥 Highlights: The wellness center, relaxation

This is a fabulous retreat for a quick reset and total relaxation. I personally like to add these shorter retreats to the end of my travels and head home feeling rejuvenated.

Each day you will practice Ashtanga in the morning, and restorative Yin at night. In between, you can walk in the olive groves, join a practice of Pranayama, or schedule a massage or reiki session. End your day in the thermal baths.

Stay at the tranquil Villa Borri nestled in the green hills. You will have discounted access to the wellness center which includes a Turkish bath, saltwater pools, thermal pools, and ice caves.

#11. 3-Day Wellbeing and Awareness Retreat: Restorative, Energizing, and Introspective

 RATING: 4.5/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

5 women sitting on a log in the forest in tuscany

📍 Location: Siena, Tuscany

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Airpory pickup can be arranged for an additional cost

💥 Highlights: Hiking, hot springs

This thoughtfully curated retreat takes place in the most tranquil of settings – with 360-degree views of the valley. You are also very close to several of Tuscany’s famous hot springs.

Begin and end each day with meditation. Fill your in-between hours with dynamic yoga practices, dancing, and various other workouts. Spend your free time exploring the villages, hiking in the woods, or visiting the hot springs.

#12. 5-Day Nina Butler Tuscany Retreat with BJØRN JAKOBSEN

 RATING: 4.5/5 | 📅 DATES: May 29 – June 2 ’23 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Villa Lena, Pisa

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Airport pickup can be arranged for an additional cost

💥 Highlights: Chic apartments, world-class yoga instructor

You will begin each day with a vinyasa flow, and wind down each afternoon with a Yin and meditation class. Bjorn is an experienced yoga instructor from Oslo, and a Lululemon ambassador.

In your free time, explore the estate, take an art class, or hang out in your beautiful apartment.

You will stay at a stunning chic Tuscan estate originally built for an Italian aristocratic family. There are several renovated buildings on the property and retreat guests will stay in renovated chic guest apartments. The property is secluded among woodlands, vineyards, and olive groves.

#13. 6-Day Eat Pray Move Retreat

 RATING: New! | 📅 DATES: Sep. 24 – 29 2023 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Porsenna Resort Hotel & Spa in Chiusi, Tuscany, Italy

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: Hotel spa amenities, several outings including an afternoon in Montepulciano

A curated and balanced retreat; less yoga, more culture. You will practice yoga daily, as well as take photography workshops, visit cultural sites, go wine and olive oil tasting, have a spa day, and more!

This is a great retreat for someone interested in travel photography and mindful movement!

Why Tuscany is the Perfect Italian Region for a Yoga Retreat

Tuscany is a rural region of Italy. It’s well known around the world thanks to its capital (Florence), postcard-worthy landscapes, and its big red wines. But what makes it a great destination for yoga retreats?

When I think of the characteristics of a good yoga retreat destination, I think about the weather, the surrounding nature/landscape, level of seclusion, the philosophy the place holds on life, and what other relaxing or adventurous things there are to do nearby.

Tuscany is a special place that really checks all the ‘perfect yoga retreat destination’ boxes.

First and foremost, the Italian way of life is something to appreciate. “La dolce vita“, or “the sweet life” is the Italian philosophy of living a life full of pleasure. It’s not just a saying, it’s really the Italian way. Italians are typically laid-back and enjoy a proper work-life balance.

Next, most of Tuscany is rural, so it’s naturally secluded. Seclusion comes with low light and low noise pollution.

Hot springs in Tuscany

Tuscany is riddled with centuries-old renovated stone villas with vineyards. Most of the retreats take place in these. You get to experience history through architecture, art, and wine.

There are plenty of other relaxing, healing, and adventurous activities around. Horseback riding, wine tasting, sailing, and hot springs, to name just a few.

And, if you feel so inclined you can spend some time in Tuscany’s small picturesque villages or its more populous cities before or after your retreat.

Consider yourself warned though, you might love Tuscany so much that you pull a Frances Mayes 😉

green rolling hills in Tuscany

Yoga Retreats in Tuscany: FAQ

What is the best time of year to go to Tuscany?

April, May, June, August, September, and October

Are yoga retreats worth it?

Overwhelmingly, people leave yoga retreats having gained something (if not many things). Usually a stronger practice, a deeper connection to themselves, a new group of friends, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, confidence, and tools for health and well-being. Retreats can also offer a structure that you don’t have at home and can deepen your practice.

Is the Amalfi Coast in Tuscany?

No, the Amalfi Coast is in southern Italy, about a 6-hour drive from Tuscany.

Do you need a car in Tuscany?

If you want to explore the larger cities in Tuscany you can easily take public transportation (bus or train). If you want to explore smaller villages and remain in the countryside, a car rental would be best. I use Discover Cars. *Many retreats will include transportation to and from the airport or main cities within Tuscany.

Can you Uber in Tuscany?

No, Uber does not operate in Tuscany.

How do I choose a yoga retreat?

Some important things to consider are location, instructor, theme or focus, price, timing or duration, styles of yoga, excursions, and size of the retreat.

How long is a typical retreat?

Varies greatly but typically between 3 and 7 days.

Which part of Tuscany is the most beautiful?

The cities are beautiful and the countryside is beautiful – just different. Florence is one of the most beautiful and most famous cities in Italy. Montepulciano is a stunning and famous town in the countryside.

Is Tuscany expensive to visit?

Being one of the most visited and luscious regions in Italy, Florence is not cheap. There are ways to stretch your dollar. A retreat, for example, is actually a cost-effective way to visit Tuscany.

What is Tuscany known for?

Its dramatic landscapes, rolling hills, stone villas, historic Florence and Siena, and hot springs.

Are Tuscany and Florence the same place?

No, Florence is the regional capital of Tuscany.

Final Note on Yoga Retreats in Tuscany

If you are looking for a yoga retreat in Italy in 2023 I don’t think you can pick a more perfect region than Tuscany. Tuscany is the embodiment of la dolce vita. Let yourself be transported to a simpler time when you eat from the garden, lay in the meadow, bathe in the river, heal in the thermals baths, and drink wine made from the grape vines you are looking at.

All of the yoga retreats listed in this post are top-notch. You really can’t go wrong. I recommend choosing a retreat based on your interests outside of yoga. Do you like hiking, or riding horses? Cooking? Cultural activities? Maybe you want to just sit in the garden and visit the spa. And, how important are the accommodations to you? Do you require luxury, or do you prefer a more rustic style? Either way, you will find something that suits your needs in this post, and it will be amazing.

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