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17 Yoga Retreats in France That You Need to Know About [2024]


Well, you are in luck because I’ve compiled the best yoga retreats in France in late summer, fall, and winter of 2023. Yoga retreats might not be the first thing you think of when you think about France, but let me turn your attention to the French countryside, the French Alps, and the French way of life.

Wellness isn’t trendy in France, it’s inherently part of the lifestyle. Taking time for your physical and mental wellness via holiday, regular self-care and movement, and retreats, is part of the culture.

I’ve been to France several times and had the opportunity to get to know not only its famous cities but its picturesque, slower-paced, outdoorsy side. In this post, I’ll describe the top yoga retreats in France and you’ll be equipped to pick the one that suits you best. It really is worth going through them all!!

Our Pick

4-Day Luxury Yoga Retreat in the French Alps

✔️ Luxury chalet in the Alps

✔️ Airport transfer included

17 Best Yoga Retreats in France

These are the top 17 yoga retreats offered in France in 2024. They are the highest-rated, the most popular, the best locations based on personal experience, and the best food and accommodations. I hope this helps you in your quest to find a yoga retreat that is right for you.

1) 4-Day Luxury Yoga Retreat in the French Alps

 RATING: 4.85/5 | 📅 DATES: MAY & SEP, 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

Bedroom at yoga retreat in france

📍 Location: Chalet Apassion in Samoens, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes – airport transfer from Geneva airport is included

💥 Highlights: In the Alps, luxury accommodations

Join your hosts for a weekend of yoga, meditation, and pure relaxation in the French Alps. Begin each day with a yoga flow, breakfast, and free time to explore the nearby villages and nature. 

A second yoga session will take place in the afternoon. Breakfast, snacks, dinner, and wine are included. Meat and fish are typical so if you have dietary restrictions make sure to communicate this ahead of time. 

“If you want to spoil yourselves completely, with great food, fantastic yoga and stunning surroundings, this is where you would want to go. My warmest recommendations to visit Rob and Vicky in Chalet Apassion”


Stay in a luxury chalet with a hot tub, sauna, and beautiful views of the Alps. This luxury yoga retreat in France is meant to make you feel pampered and renewed!

2) 4-Day Tai Chi, Tao Yoga, and Meditation Retreat

 RATING: 4.8/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates ’24 | 💳 BOOK NOW

Two men practicing tai chi in a garden at a yoga retreat in france
Photo courtesy of Tao Meditation

📍 Location: Saint-Girons, Ariège (southern France)

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: French countryside, Tai Chi, small group, Hatha yoga

Shorter retreats like this are perfect for a weekend getaway (if you’re in Europe), or as an add-on to your vacation if you are coming from further away.

During this 4-day yoga retreat in France, you’ll practice Hatha-style yoga, learn Wu-style Tai Chi short form (a nine to ten-minute flow comprised of 18 moves), and find clarity with standing and moving meditation. Each student will go home with an instructional video on the Tai Chi flow so you continue to practice the sequence at home.

“Every detail of the retreat is perfectly balanced to support a truely unique experience that won’t be forgotten in this lifetime!”


Enjoy guided forest walking in the surrounding areas. All meals are included and any dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advance notice.

You will stay in a manor house set in a secluded river valley in the foothills of the Ariège Pyrénées mountains. The bedrooms are large and each has its own private bathroom.

Always get travel insurance when traveling abroad! I recommend SafetyWing for its great coverage and affordability.

3) 8 Day ‘Connecting & Coaching with Horses’ Yoga Retreat

 RATING: 5/5 | 📅 DATES: Oct. 12 – 19, 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

woman petting horses
Photo courtesy of BookRetreats

📍 Location: La Borde Blanque in Montbel, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No, but La Borde Blanque can coordinate a taxi on request

💥 Highlights: Horses, nature, yoga

The theme of this retreat is body awareness. You will practice finding alignment with yoga, and attunement/becoming aware of your subtle energy with meditation and time with horses.

If you are a nature lover, horse lover, and yoga lover, this retreat is for you. You will begin each day with a yoga and meditation session, followed by breakfast and then a large chunk of time with the horses. Expect to participate in the care of the horses throughout the week (feeding, brushing, etc.). 

Afternoons are free, followed by a second yoga and meditation session just before dinner. Spend your free time enjoying the French countryside, observing the horses, and resting. 

“Thank you so much for a wonderful week, your kindness, wisdom, generosity and care. Learnt so much and will remember the week with a word “ awakening”.”–


Stay in a charming French country house, have three vegetarian meals a day, and become more aware of your body and your energy by working with horses. This week, think of the horses as your coach. They are excellent energy readers and will react differently to you depending on your body language and energy. 

NOTE: No experience with yoga, meditation, or horses is required!

4) 4-Day Tao Yoga and Forest Bathing Meditation

 RATING: 4.8/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

looking up at the sky and trees with the sun shining through
Photo courtesy of Tao Meditation

📍 Location: Saint-Girons, Ariège (southern France)

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: Stress-reducing, forest bathing, gentle Tao yoga, small group

This yoga retreat in France features a simple and accessible stress-reducing practice that you can easily continue at home: Shinrin Yoku.

Shinrin Yoku, or forest bathing, is a Japanese stress-relieving method that has become very popular in the last several years. Sitting or walking in a forest and activating all of your senses – touch, feel, sound, smell – fosters a deep release of accumulated stress in the nervous system.

Daily gentle Tao yoga sessions will complement the Shinrin Yoku and facilitate even deeper relaxation.

“UNFORGETTABLE TOURNÉ! We had a truly magical stay in this superb place. On a practical level it is a stunning environment with, comfortable beds and lovely bedlinen and fantastic food cooked by Paula. We received so much from Ram, who is a wonderful teacher, and we left feeling invigorated and refreshed.”


Option to do a digital detox at this retreat as well. All meals are included and much of the food comes from the retreat’s own garden. You will stay in a charming manor with large bedrooms, surrounded by nature.

5) 8-Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat: Journey Through the Chakras

 RATING: 4.85/5 | 📅 DATES: MAY & AUG 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

people practicing yoga at a yoga retreat in france
Photo courtesy of La Borde Blanque

📍 Location: Midi-Pyrenees, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No, but on request, La Borde Blanque Team mediates between participants who want to share a rental car or taxi

💥 Highlights: Beautiful retreat center, introduction to yoga philosophy, 50-hour Yoga Federation partial certificate

This retreat gives you fundamental training in your practice of asanas, and meditation and an introduction to the ancient and universal yoga philosophy in an accessible and practical way. La Borde Blanque places an emphasis on yoga as a way of life, not just exercise.

While this. is a retreat, they do offer a 50-hour partial certificate of training since they cover philosophy and train on proper alignment. great for anyone interested in a more yoga-heavy retreat.

You will have two yoga and meditation sessions each day; a longer and more active session in the morning, with philosophy and dialogue, and a shorter, restorative session in the evening. All mid-day/afternoons are free to relax and enjoy the grounds.

“Bountiful experience…a heart warming environment filled with respect, kindness, humour and enlightened guidance by Elleke and Peter. Warmly recommend this unique exchange opportunity!!”


No prior experience with yoga or meditation is required. All meals are included. You will stay in a beautiful French country estate with stunning views of the valley. Lots of room to gather or find solitude.

6) 4-Day Wim Hof Cold Therapy, Breathwork, and Yoga

 RATING: 4.95/5 | 📅 DATES: July & Aug. 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

Man sitting in large ice bath with a beanie on at a Wim Hof Cold Therapy and yoga retreat in france
Photo courtesy of Zen Yoga Retreats

📍 Location: Dordogne, France (southwest)

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: Small groups, Wim Hof breathing technique and cold exposure, restorative yoga

I’m really excited to share this unique retreat with you where you will learn and practice Wom Hof’s breathing technique and cold exposure therapy. I’m a fan of both!!

You will begin each day with an active flow and end each day with a restorative flow. There will be daily guided walks, breathwork workshops, cold therapy, and free time in between.

“The four day retreat was the perfect way to end the summer and recharge myself for the remaining part of the year. The idyllic location in the rural France was a welcomed changed from big city living.” 


All meals (brunch, dinner, snacks), are vegetarian and included. You will stay in a traditional farmhouse situated in the heart of the Dordogne countryside.

Massage and reflexologist treatments are available for an additional cost (70 – 75 EUR per hour) but must be booked two weeks prior to arrival! This is definitely one of the best and most unique yoga retreats in France!

7) 8-Day Nature, Hiking, Meditation, and Yoga Holiday

 RATING: 4.85/5 | 📅 DATES: April & Sep. 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Ariège, Midi-Pyrénées, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: Hiking

This retreat is for yoga and nature enthusiasts. With two daily yoga sessions, meditation classes, and daily guided nature walks and hikes, you’re sure to recharge and recalibrate your body at this lovely retreat in the south of Frace. 

The daily walks will be around 6-10 miles (10 – 15 km) on average. They will be adjusted based on the weather and temperature. 

Expect to practice various styles of yoga but the retreat center applies a quiet, attentive, and meditative approach to all of their classes. 

Wednesdays are resting days, all walks and hikes are optional, and there is a lake nearby for swimming when it’s warm. 

“La Borde blanque is a very special place where you can recover&discover your inner self. Helleke was an amazing teacher and Peter took care of all of us in a unbeliveble way.”


All meals are included and most are vegan and vegetarian friendly but if you have a specific restriction communicate it ahead of time. You will stay at an authentic French country estate surrounded by countryside.  

8) 4-Day Transformational Zen Yoga and Meditation Retreat

 RATING: 4.85/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Dordogne, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes, for an extra fee

💥 Highlights: Deep rest and relaxation, forest walking

This weekend experience is about immersing yourself in Zen yoga and meditation. Allow yourself to leave behind the stress and noise of the outside world and discover the silence and stillness within. 

Take the weekend to truly slow down and nurture your body and mind. Anticipate gentle, restorative, and meditative yoga. If you are looking for power yoga this is not the retreat for you. 

Zen Yoga Retreats have created a space for you to discover and explore the life-changing practices of daily yoga, meditation, mindful walks, and guided deep relaxation.

“It was my first yoga retreat and I wanted to find a place to rest and relax for a couple of days. I found a rare gem at Valerie and Glyn’s place.”


There will be one group art project, guided forest walks (which will include periods of silence), and a sound bath. This weekend retreat should put you in a deep state of relaxation, and focus on your overall well-being. 

Brunch, snacks, and dinner are included. All food is vegetarian-friendly. Stay in a really lonely traditional but renovated farmhouse with a huge pool and surrounded by forests and fields. 

9) 4-Day Intensive Yoga and Well-Being Retreat

 RATING: 4.85/5 | 📅 DATES: DEC. 2023 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Scionzier, France (between Geneva and Chamonix)

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes, for an extra fee

💥 Highlights: Rechare, energize

This retreat is about rediscovering your joy! With asana practices, meditation, philosophy discussions, mantra chanting, and yoga Nidra you’ll leave feeling grounded, energized, and inspired. 

There will be two daily yoga classes, one workshop on sharing and yoga philosophy, and a short trek in the mountains with the opportunity to participate in cold therapy practice. 

“Expert yoga instruction and guidance, kind and supportive hosting, beautiful location, excellent accommodation, delicious food and very good value. Thank you for a great experience Benoit and Prachi!!”


You’ll stay at a modern retreat center set in nature but close enough to town to walk to a boulangerie. Three vegetarian meals a day are included. 

10) 8-Day Laid-Back Luxury Beach and Nature Yoga Retreat

 RATING: 5/5 | 📅 DATES: June 22 – 29, 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Corsica, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes, for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Luxury villa, excursions, wine-tasting, massage

The theme of this retreat is LUXURY LUXURY LUXURY. Nomadikas has curated an unforgettable week full of fun adventures, relaxation, and amazing food. Ditch your daily routine and jump into this dream yoga holiday. This is such a well-balanced, unforgettable France yoga retreat, where absolutely everything is thought of and taken care of for you. 

Each morning will begin with an active Vinyasa class on the rooftop terrace, followed by an incredible breakfast. Enjoy free time until noon for lunch and an excursion. During your free time, you can enjoy the private beach, explore the area, shop, or stay in and get an in-house massage – after all, one 60-minute massage is included!

In the afternoons you will have the option to join a different excursion each day. From boating to secluded beaches, finding natural pools in the forest, or wine tasting at the nearby vineyards, you will feel spoiled! 

Close out each day with a deep relaxing yin yoga class before a beautiful candlelight dinner. All food served is organic, non-processed, locally sourced, and prepared by a private professional chef. 

You’ll stay in a brand new five-star luxury villa with a huge pool and just steps from a private beach. This will truly be a magical experience on an under-the-radar island. 

11) 8-Day Yoga and Hiking Retreat

 RATING: 5/5 | 📅 DATES: May-Oct, 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Les Tines Chalet, Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Yes, from Geneva airport

💥 Highlights: Guided hikes in the Alps, full-body massage, stunning chalet with hot tub & sauna

Bluerise Retreats offers this 8-day yoga retreat in Chamonix-Mont Blanc, France, throughout the spring and summer. Led by experienced instructor Susie Murray, you will combine invigorating Vinyasa, guided mountain hikes, and luxurious relaxation in an Alpine chalet.

Throughout the week, explore the full spectrum of Vinyasa Flow. There will also be plenty of Yin, Nidra (yoga sleep), pranayama (breath work), and meditation to nourish and restore the body after time spent hiking in the mountains.

Hikes are suitable for all levels of hikers – if you are an experienced hiker you may find these hikes challenging but they will surely be beautiful.

“The retreat was absolutely out of my expectations. It is a great, luxurious place to be, with kind, friendly and great hosts and stuff. I enjoyed my classes with our great yoga teacher Lisa who made sure that we are advancing daily. Our hiking guide Suz took us on the amazing spots where we had chance to see the beauty of the mountains and nature,.”


You will stay in a beautiful chalet with a hot tub and a sauna. This is also where you will practice yoga. Enjoy three mostly vegetarian meals a day prepared by the chef.

12) 8-Day Ski and Yoga Holiday

 RATING: 4.5/5 | 📅 DATES: March, 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: La Rosière, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Transfer included from Geneva airport

💥 Highlights: Sauna, power and restorative yoga, skiing, ski in ski out accommodations

Join AdventureYogi for an unforgettable ski and yoga holiday in the Alps! Practice yoga twice daily and ski in your free time. Beginner skiers are welcoming and if you’d like, the retreat organizer can help set up ski lessons.

La Roserie is a wonderful ski area with beginner and intermediate-friendly runs, lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants, and incredible views in every direction.

“I didn’t just ‘like’ this retreat – I absolutely loved it. The venue was amazing, the location breathtaking, Felicity was engaging and so helpful whilst also being part of the group, Hayley (our cook) did amazing food and I was never hungry.”


Stay in a luxury ski-in ski-out wellness apartment hotel. The wellness center has an indoor heated swimming pool, saunas, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and a gym for you to enjoy and recover. Enjoy three vegetarian meals each day.

13) 4-Day Beginners Zen Yoga and Meditation Retreat

 RATING: 4.8/5 | 📅 DATES: April-August 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Vernodes,Tocane-Saint-Apre, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: No

💥 Highlights: Deep relaxation, guided walks, pool, countryside charm

This retreat caters to complete beginners in yoga and meditation, so if that’s you, you’ve found the right retreat! Spend the weekend discovering the lifelong benefits of these practices, and take a break from external stresses to explore inner silence and calm.

Participants learn Zazen meditation, walking meditation, the origins of yoga, the basics of breath breathwork, and gentle restorative yoga poses. The retreat introduces Yoga Nidra for nervous system calming, and participants leave with a personalized yoga and meditation practice.

You will also be guided on gentle walks through the mountains and forest. These are mindfulness walks and some of them will be done in silence.

“It was my first experience at a yoga retreat and I can’t recommend it more highly. Everything was perfect , the classes , the accommodation and the food was delicious, we were all so well looked after.”


You will stay in a traditional farmhouse in the Dordogne countryside in a private renovated room. Enjoy a balanced menu of organic fruit and vegetables, homemade soups, and vegetarian dishes during your stay.

14) 5-Day Creative Writing and Yoga Retreat

 RATING: 4.8/5 | 📅 DATES: June, 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Aethos Corsica, Oletta, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Available for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Workshop in creative expression and calligraphy, yoga with Nina Butler, private luxury yacht, hiking

At this creative retreat in Corsica, Betty Soldi will lead creative writing and calligraphy, and renowned yoga instructor Nina Butler will guide you through daily yoga and meditation.

Betty’s workshops focus on developing a unique calligraphic style, encouraging self-expression, and embracing a beginner’s mind. Nina’s daily yoga sessions cater to all levels, using movement and breath to declutter the mind and enhance creativity.

The retreat includes a guided coastal hike, wine tasting, and opportunities for mindful movement and meditation.

“The hotel was stunning and Nina was an absolutely fantastic instructor and host. It was clear that she put a great deal of preparation into each session and she was incredibly kind, empathetic and fun too! One of the other guests had been at another one of her retreats and I can completely see why she came back.”


Stay at Aethos Corsica, a luxury boutique hotel committed to sustainability, which provides a sanctuary for conscious living. Choose from a private or shared room. Enjoy fresh local Corsican cuisine prepared by the retreat chef.

15) 8-Day Magical Alpine Retreat

 RATING: 5/5 | 📅 DATES: April & Sep 2024 | 💳 BOOK NOW

Woman doing a yoga pose on the grass

📍 Location: Heliopic Hotel & Spa, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Not available

💥 Highlights: Center of Chamonix, sauna/spa, workshops, community

Join this Self-Care Retreat in the French Alps. Designed for all levels, this week-long retreat focuses on personal development, emotional healing, and discovering inner wisdom.

With up to three daily classes or workshops, including Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga, power yoga, and various workshops on inversions and yoga philosophy, participants will deepen their practice.

The retreat also features sharing circles, 1:1 bodywork, constellation work, sound healing, meditations, and outdoor activities like hiking and biking. Enjoy the beautiful sauna and pool facilities, concluding each day with a candlelit dinner and relaxed conversations.

“It was a wonderful weekend, with wonderful participants and a great teacher. Jeannette is such a warm and empathetic person. I can only recommend her and would go to her again at any time. She touched so much in all of us”


Option for a private or shared room at the 4-star Heliopic Hotel & Spa in the center of Chamonix. Please note that only breakfast is included in this retreat. The hotel offers a full buffet with fresh fruit, hot dishes, sweet and savory pastries, and cakes. However, you will be on your own for lunch and/or dinner – this will be very easy in this location though!

16) 11-Day Yoga and Meditation Intensive Retreat

 RATING: 4.85/5 | 📅 DATES: March, June, Aug ’24 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: La Borde Blanque, Ariège, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Not available

💥 Highlights: For more experienced yogis, stunning yoga shala, meditation training

This retreat is a profound exploration of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. During this 10-day intensive program, delve into Yoga Sutras, exploring the 8 steps of yoga and meditation, life ethics, higher consciousness stages, meditation techniques, expressions of love, and the philosophy of suffering.

Practice yoga twice daily, including Ashtanga, Kriya, Vinyasa yoga in the morning, and Yin in the evening. Receive progressive mediation training.

This retreat is suitable for experienced yogis and yoga teachers, providing a deepening experience and practical applications for integrating yoga principles into daily life.

“This retreat made it possible for me to experience a beautiful part of the world which is still unscathed from tourism. Camino walks are an experience in itself.. Margarita is a warm and kind soul. She is also pragmatic and incredibly wise.”


Stay in a charming private or shared room with an en-suite bathroom at La Borde Blanque. Enjoy nourishing vegetarian meals and the tranquil countryside surroundings.

17 ) 7-Day Holistic Yoga and Meditation Retreat

 RATING: 4.75/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: The Frogs’ House, Provence-Alpes-Cote D’Azur, France

🚌 Airport Transfer Included: Not included or available

💥 Highlights: French gastronomy workshop, personal development workshops, hiking excursions

This is one of the most popular yoga retreats in France. Escape to rural France with The FrogS’ House, a unique yoga retreat in the medieval village of Saint-Jeannet. Immerse yourself in local culture, taste exquisite produce, and enjoy breathtaking views of the French Riviera.

This week-long program combines yoga, excursions, and shared moments, fostering mindfulness in every activity. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a beginner, there’s a place for you to explore new practices and delve into self-discovery.

Led by experienced instructors, each session is crafted for internal listening and a deeper connection with mind and body. Join this retreat for a week of rejuvenation, self-reflection, and the rustic charm of France.

“The frog’s house team really delivers a unique experience bringing the yogi spirit of presence, connection and fun to all what they do. I really enjoyed the yoga sessions with Pily and Benoit. I have never felt so relax and grounded.”


Stay at the Frogs’ House, a former family-run hotel that has been redesigned into a cozy and comfortable bed and breakfast for retreat participants, in a private or shared room. Enjoy three incredible vegetarian meals a day – Mediterranean cuisine.

Yoga Retreats in France: FAQs

What is so special about French Alps?

The French Alps are known for their stunning natural beauty, diverse geography, and wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year.

Are yoga retreats worth it?

Overwhelmingly, people leave yoga retreats having gained something (if not many things). Usually a stronger practice, a deeper connection to themselves, a new group of friends, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, confidence, and tools for health and well-being. Retreats can also offer a structure that you don’t have at home and can deepen your practice.

Which is better the Swiss or the French Alps?

Both the Swiss and French Alps offer stunning natural beauty, excellent skiing and snowboarding, rich cultural heritage, and great public transportation. The choice between the Swiss and French Alps comes down to personal preferences and what you are looking for in a vacation.

Do you need a car in the French Alps?

If you are planning to stay in one area (ski resort, retreat, etc.) you likely do not need a car. Traveling between nearby towns is easy with public transportation which is generally reliable and well-connected in the French Alps (with frequent bus and train services). If you want to explore more and on your own time, you may want to rent a car.

Where do you fly to get to the French Alps?

Geneva Airport (GVA) is a major gateway to the French Alps. Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LYS), Grenoble-Isère Airport (GNB), and Chambéry-Savoie Airport (CMF) also offer easy access to the French Alps.

How long is a typical retreat?

Varies greatly but typically between 3 and 7 days.

Best Time to Go on a Yoga Holiday in France?

This depends on your preferences! France offers incredible activities and scenery year-round. If you are a winter person, a late fall/winter retreat in the Alps could be magical.


Slow down and enjoy the finer things in life at one of the best yoga retreats in France. Whether you are looking for a luxurious experience or a more rustic outdoor adventure, there is a retreat that will cater to your needs.

With its rich history and culture, France provides an ideal backdrop for immersing yourself in the practice of yoga in nature. France offers an incredible array of retreats set in serene countryside locations or high up in the awe-inspiring Alps.

Yoga retreats are such an amazing way to spend a vacation or to add on at the beginning or end of a vacation for a quick dose of rejuvenation. So, if you’ve been googling “yoga retreat France” but haven’t made the leap – let me just give you a nudge. You deserve this! Book your next vacation at one of these top-rated yoga retreats in France, you won’t regret it.

Curious about other great yoga retreat destinations? Check these out: