Temazcal ceremony Tulum

Temazcal Ceremony Tulum: The Top 9

Heading to Tulum and hoping to enrich your trip with a traditional wellness experience? Wondering what sorts of wellness practices are native to the region so you can learn about the culture on a deeper level? I’ve got your back. If you are a wellness-minded traveler, you have to try a Temazcal Ceremony in Tulum.

You can find Temazcal ceremonies all across Mexico and most of Central America. However, there is a particular concentration in certain areas, one of them being Tulum. A Temazcal Ceremony is a traditional Mexican steam bath. I have a whole blog post on the history and details of the ceremony if you want to learn more.

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Temazcal ceremony in tulum
Heating the stones for the Temazcal

If you are looking for the best temazcal ceremony in Tulum you have come to the right place. In this post, I’m breaking down the 9 best Temazcal Ceremonies. That being said, I always encourage you to do your own research and most importantly be highly aware of your environment and surroundings when participating in cultural experiences. Does it feel right? The first thing to be aware of is your safety, and the second thing to be aware of is the ethical climate. You can always ask questions when booking. Is this a local tour company? What percentage of the cost goes directly to the Temazcal facilitator/guide? How does the community or village we’re visiting benefit from my participation? How does this experience differ from an authentic Temazcal?

You can also always ask your hotel, hostel, or Airbnb hosts and they can likely recommend or help you book a ceremony. That being said, I can’t speak to the quality and authenticity of the ceremonies they suggest. Use your best judgment. It is worth noting that Temazcal experiences can really range from upscale spas (less traditional) to someone’s backyard (more traditional). Both can be wonderful and ethical and authentic, just be clear about what you are signing up for!


The Best Temazcal Ceremonies in Tulum

A lot of hotels and wellness centers offer Temazcal ceremonies in Tulum. To get the most out of your Temazcal experience, let go of expectations, respect the process, go in with an open heart, and expect to be challenged on a deep level. These ceremonies can often be really emotional experiences. Whatever might come up for you, let it come. With that, here are the nine best Temazcal ceremonies in Tulum.

1. Moon Temazcal Ceremony at Yaan Healing Sanctuary

The moon cycles are believed to amplify the healing powers of the Temazcal ceremony. It facilitates the release of more powerful toxins and negative emotions. In addition to their group moon ceremonies, Yaan Healing Sanctuary also offers private Temazcal ceremonies for $500 per person (expensive). Yaan requires 48 hours advance notice for booking your space in a Moon Ceremony or a Private Temazcal.

*Proceeds from every Full Moon and New Moon ceremony go to the Movida Maya Non-Profit Organization which helps increase the capacity of indigenous youth, preserve their cultural identity, and build sustainable futures.

Price: 80 USD/person | Instagram

2. The Temazcal of Casa Coyote

Casa Coyote is an eco-hotel in Tulum. They offer 90-minute group and couples Temazcal ceremonies in a beautiful inipi (Lakota name for sweat lodge). The inipi is larger than typical Temazcal domes – if you are not keen on the idea of sitting in a small space this might be a good option for you.

Temazcal ceremony

Price: unknown | Instagram

3. Community Temazcal by Fabi at Delek Tulum

Delek is a beautiful beach hotel that prioritizes sustainability – visible in its building materials and food sourcing. It is in the heart of the party area in Tulum, so it may not be as serene as some other options, but it’s really affordable and led by a local. Their Temazcal ceremony is held weekly on Sundays at 5 pm. You can contact the Delek front desk to book.

Price: 35 USD/person | Instagram

4. Holistika Hotel

Holistika is a wellness Boutique Hotel in Tulum. In contrast to Delek, it’s located in the middle of the jungle. As a holistic center and community space, it is a stress-free place for peace, connection, and healing.

Holistika hopes to connect like-minded people by creating an environment that promotes disconnecting from technology, connecting with nature, and by offering wellness workshops and activities. Holistika hosts one of the more traditional Temazcal ceremonies in Tulum that lasts two hours and concludes with cold showers and fruit. You do not have to be a guest to book.

Price: 68 USD/person | Instagram

5. Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project is an eco-hotel located in the desirable hotel beach zone but nestled back in the jungle. Its mission is to be a zero-emissions and zero-contamination community. The property uses responsible construction and recycling practices and has retained 93% of the original jungle on the property.

This particular experience lasts 90 minutes. The maximum capacity is 10 people and you must book at least 24 hours in advance. You do not need to be a guest at the hotel.

Price: 406 USD for 1-4 persons, 464 for 5-6, 522 for 7-8 | Instagram

Papaya Playa Project

6. Dos Ceibas Eco Hotel Temazcal

Dos Ceibas is located on the beach along the main hotel zone in Tulum. The ceremony area is in a beautiful, private area on the sand. It’s led by a Shaman who will guide you through the entire process.

Ceremonies are offered every Thursday at 6 pm. The maximum capacity is 9. You can join a group or you can book a private session for a higher price. You must book 24 hours in advance (online, by phone, or by email).

Price: 75 USD/person for guests, 95 USD/person for the general public | Instagram

7. Espiritu Wellness

Espiritu is a center of traditional wellness treatments. It is located within Huaya Camp, a luxury glamping hub in Tulum. It offers a variety of old-age ceremonies, spiritual practices, and workshops to facilitate your healing journey.

Espiritu Wellness is geared toward travelers who seek a connection to nature, spirit, and culture on their adventures. They offer a wealth of ceremonies, treatments, and healing experiences rooted in traditional Mexican medicine. They offer 2-hour Temazcal ceremonies every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 4:30 pm.

Price: 45 USD/person | Instagram

temazcal ceremony in tulum
Temazcal ceremony in a larger space

8. Euphoric Yoga Tulum

To experience a Temazcal in its most traditional and healing form, you’ll want to go to Euphoric Yoga Tulum. The owners, Victor and Laura, have been practicing traditional and western therapeutic medicine for decades. Victor is a Master Temazcalero and Laura is a clinical psychologist. Together they treat a host of physical and emotional ailments, including substance abuse, and specialize in therapeutic work with families and couples.

The ceremony is in the jungle about 25 minutes outside of Tulum. The ceremony is in Spanish with English translation if necessary. Currently, they only offer private ceremonies (individuals, couples, or very small groups of family/friends) so the price is a little higher.

*This is NOT touristy and is one of the more traditional Temazcal ceremonies in Tulum.

Price: 250 USD/person

9. Tours by Locals

I’ve avoided including most Temazcal “tours” on this list because they made my “exploitation radar” go up. Tours by Locals, however, seems like a great company. This tour in particular is run by a local tour guide who grew up in Chiapas. The pricing and schedules are transparent, the experience is authentic, and the reviews are amazing.

The duration of the tour is 6.5 hours. You will be picked up at your hotel. It is a 1.5-hour drive to the Tres Reyes Mayan community, a 2-hour Temazcal ceremony, a 10-minute drive to a cenote for swimming and lunch, and then a return to your hotel.

This tour (up to 10 people) has a BASE cost plus a PER PERSON cost. The per-person cost includes the cenote fee, the Temazcal fee, and a local lunch.

Price: BASE 510 USD, plus 90 USD/person

Enjoying the tropical temps late at night

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Tips For a Successful Temazcal Ceremony in Tulum

  • Set an intention for what you wish to clear from your body and spirit before you enter the Temazcal. Remember that above all the purpose is to SWEAT. Sweat out all of the toxins in your body and push yourself to do something new and challenging. You do not need to have some transcendent experience to have a successful Temazcal.
  • Be open. Each ceremony is different and may include chanting, praying, drumming cold plunging, or none of the above. Embrace the newness and the discomfort and really participate and immerse yourself in the experience to get the full benefits of the ritual.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, overheated, or like you can’t breathe – try and control your breathing and push through before leaving. Getting through the discomfort is where the growth comes from. You can place your head on the earth if it is too hot. The ground is cooler and will help you breathe and cool off without leaving.
  • Arrive at the ceremony well-rested, well-hydrated, and on an almost empty stomach. Don’t watch for at least a couple of hours before the ceremony for optimal comfort.
  • Do it on a day/evening when you can just relax and marinate in the physical effects of the ceremony after.

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What should I wear to a Temazcal Ceremony?

You will be sweating, a lot. So, it’s common to wear a bathing suit. Don’t bring your favorite suit because you might be sitting on a natural floor that could stain the suit. Wear a dress, sarong, or some sort of light clothing for coming and going. You can bring a hand towel to wipe sweat from your face.

Do I need to speak Spanish to do a Temazcal ceremony?

No, while most of the Temazcal ceremonies in Tulum will incorporate Spanish, there is always English and English translation available when necessary.

Can I go out after a Temazcal ceremony?

Temazcal ceremonies can be physically and emotionally draining. They are also extremely relaxing. You could, in theory, go out afterward but do it on a night when you can relax and reflect, and get an amazing night’s sleep if you can.

Is a Temazcal Ceremony like a sauna?

No. Temazcals occur in small dome-like structures (think pizza over), in complete darkness. They last around 2 hours and incorporate a lot of symbolism throughout. They are very spiritual and therapeutic.

How Much Does a Temazcal Cost?

It varies depending on the venue and group size but is generally anywhere between $35 – $200+, with most around $75 USD per person.

If it’s less than 35 USD, be weary. Do your research. If it’s over $300 and it is JUST the Temazcal (no cenote or other add-on) be weary.



Although you can find temazcales throughout the country, not all pre-Hispanic cultures practiced this ritual. Tulum however, lies within the Mayan zone, where temazcals were practiced religiously. The ritual never disappeared from this area, but you’ll find many modern adaptations today. I encourage you to seek out a Temazcal ceremony in Tulum on your next visit – and let yourself fully immerse!

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