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The 10 BEST Chiang Mai Yoga Retreats (and How to Book)

Thailand is one of my favorite places to visit and to practice yoga. Thankfully, there is no shortage of Chiang Mai yoga retreats.

Northern Thailand is very special. Chiang Mai, specifically, is an incredible city with so much to do, fantastic good, and so much natural beauty. I spent 5 weeks in Chiang Mai during a backpacking tour through southeast Asia – at first I went for two weeks and then I returned for 3 more weeks at the end of my tour because I loved it so much!

If you are thinking about booking a yoga retreat in Thailand but are overwhelmed by the choices, you will appreciate this post. Below I lay out the 10 best Chiang Mai yoga retreats.

Top Chiang Mai Yoga Retreats

Northern Thailand is a yogi’s paradise and has a variety of retreats that will suit your comfort level. Here are the top Chaing Mai yoga retreats.

1) Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Retreat 


📍 Location: Mae Wang, Chiang Mai (40 min outside the city, nestled in the foothills)

🚌 Airport Transfer: Yes, for an additional fee ($17) transfer from Chiang Mai International Airport is available

💥 Highlights: Build your own retreat (minimum 3 days) and start any day; beautiful location; amazing food

This is the retreat for you if you want to spend a few (or more) days surrounded by nature, flowing, resting, and eating incredible plant-based Thai food. Meet like-minded people and live in community for a while – leave feeling a little more at peace.

The schedule features twice daily yoga and meditation sessions (you will spend more time on yoga than on meditation), daily workshops, and time to relax. Morning yoga sessions will be more dynamic while the afternoon yoga sessions will be more restorative in nature.

Suan Sati, which translates to “The Garden of Mindfulness”, was opened by an American and is run by him and his Austrian partner. The entire place is run on a permaculture system and they ask all guests to bring all-natural hygiene products because the grey water is reused to water the gardens and rice paddies.

The rooms are simple but beautiful, with comfortable beds. The wooden yoga shala is stunning; the architectural style is heavily influenced by Northern Thai temples. With high ceilings and open siding, you will have the pleasure of looking out over the rice fields and onto the mountains of Chiang Mai while you practice.

All levels are welcome. Three plant-based meals are served each day. Wifi is available but you won’t want to be on your phone much here 🙂

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2) True Nature Meditation and Yoga Homestay Retreat


Woman lounging at a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai Thailand

📍 Location: Rural farming community 45 minutes north of Chiang Mai

🚌 Airport Transfer: Yes, for an additional fee ($20) transfer from Chiang Mai International Airport can be arranged

💥 Highlights: Daily optional group activities, animals on the property, family-run

Open to all levels, this Chiang Mai Yoga Retreat operates year-round and is one of the best you’ll find in Thailand. Located North of Chaing Mai, out of the city, you are surrounded by lush mountain ranges, rice fields, and fruit tree orchards.

There is an organic garden where much of the food that you will eat comes from. You will be served three INCREDIBLE fresh home-cooked meals a day. Free-range chickens, dogs, and cats roam the property. All of the spaces are clean and tidy.

You’ll practice yoga and meditation and have the option to partake in a number of activities. Rafting, ice baths, and cooking classes are just a few of the activities at your fingertips.

This is a very special, small, family-run retreat that is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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3) 8-Day Adventure, Thai Massage, and Yoga Retreat

 RATING: 5/5 | 📅 DATES: OCT 11-18 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort in the heart of Chiang Mai

🚌 Airport Transfer: Yes, airport transfer is included

💥 Highlights: Excursions, luxury accommodations, adventure, yoga!

Luxury has entered the chat! This northern Thailand yoga retreat has it all. It’s more centrally located in Chiang Mai and incorporates more adventure.

If you are looking for a retreat with lots of added bonuses, luxury accommodations, with all the details are taken care, this retreat is for you! 

You will spend a full 8 days here, practice yoga daily, and visit a number of temples, waterfalls, and other incredible locations.

You will also receive a half-day Thai massage workshop! This is the retreat that keeps on giving because you will bring home a new skill to share with your partner (or whoever!).

Away Resort is the perfect setting for this style of retreat – within walking distance from the main attractions in the city yet private with a beautiful pool.

For the perfect blend of culture and wellness, group and solo activities, nature immersion, and yoga and meditation, book this Chiang Mai yoga retreat.

4) 8-Day Adventure and Yoga Retreat

 RATING: 4.95/5 | 📅 DATES: DEC 10-17 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Mala Dhara Eco Resort, Chiang Mai

🚌 Airport Transfer: No, airport transfer is not available but it is easy to reach by taxi

💥 Highlights: Cultural excursions, unique accommodations, herbal steam ceremony

Expect to practice yoga at least once a day (most days twice), and have access to the beautiful saltwater pool, farm, and yoga shalas at Mala Dhara.

In addition, this retreat includes several cultural and nature activities, including visits to local temples, hiking to waterfalls, and experiencing the local Thai culture at markets and a cooking class. An herbal steam and sauna spa experience are also included in this retreat.

An unforgettable visit to the best ethical elephant sanctuary in Asia, Elephant Nature Park, is also included! I have been to Elephant Nature Park and it is genuinely the BEST and MOST ETHICAL way to experience elephants in Thailand (do not expect to ride them!!).

The retreat location, Mala Dhara, has adobe villas (check out the raindrop villa!!) and dorm accommodations, a large saltwater pool, and three beautiful yoga shalas for practice, and it is surrounded by lush green jungle.

They run an organic farm and all of the rice and peanut sauce and peanut butter are produced on-site. All other ingredients are sourced locally.

5) 4-Day Flow Yoga Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga Retreat


people sitting around a dining table at a yoga retreat in chiang mai

📍 Location: Doi Saket, Chiang Mai (just outside the city)

🚌 Airport Transfer: Yes, airport transfer is included

💥 Highlights: Start any day; free bike to explore the area; calming and peaceful retreat center

Flow Yoga offers gentle and creative flows and specializes in restorative and therapeutic yoga. You will practice in an indoor studio and out on the lawn.

Located close enough to explore the city during your free time, but just outside enough to remain in a more peaceful state.

Explore the rice fields nearby, or check out some temples. The accommodations are basic but lovely, peaceful, and clean. The food is really great.

6) 4-Day Women’s New Year Wellness Retreat

 RATING: New! | 📅 DATES: DEC 29 – JAN 1 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Jungle, Chiang Mai (just outside the city)

🚌 Airport Transfer: Yes, airport transfer is included

💥 Highlights: Women only, beautiful and charming accommodations

Spend your new year tapping into your femined power! This retreat incorporates yoga designed for the female body, daily meditation for feminine exploration, as well as a daily masterclass on the anatomy of the female body.

Connect with the women in attendance through movement, breathe, dance, and cermony. A cacao and fire ceremony are both included.

You will be accommodated in a jungle villa in Chiang Mai in shared or private rooms and a bathroom.

If you are feeling the need to retreat to the jungle, connect with feminine energy, reconnect with your bidy, and learn how to create and manifest what you desire, then this retreat is for you.

7) 3-Day Wellness Retreat

 RATING: 4.6 | 📅 DATES: NOV 19 – 21 | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Sri Lanna National Park – 1 hour from Chiang Mai

🚌 Airport Transfer: Roundtrip transportation by songthaew (red taxi) is provided from Chiang Mai city center to Sri Lanna National Park. From there, it will take a 15-20 minute boat ride to Om Waters.

💥 Highlights: On the water!! Water activities,

This is sure to be one of hte most unie yoga retreat Chiang Mai experiences. Om Water is a floating retreat. It floats on a lake in Sri Lanna National Park.

Over the course of three days you will practice yoga twice, have two meditation and Qigong sessions, a workshop and plenty of free time for kayaking, swimming, and resting.

All meals are provided – coming from a local restaurant. This will be a very cool experience!

8) 4-Day Sound Healing, Vegan, and Yoga Retreat

 RATING: 4/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Away Chiang Mai Thapae Resort in the heart of Chiang Mai

🚌 Airport Transfer: Yes, airport transfer is included

💥 Highlights: Sound healing, Reiki, luxury accommodations

Allow all of your stress to melt away during three days of yoga, sound healing, Reiki sessions, cooking class, and rest.

Away Resort is the perfect setting for this style of retreat – within walking distance from the main attractions in the city yet private with a beautiful pool and large luxury rooms.

Anticipate visiting a few temples, strolling the streets, and relaxing by the pool.

9) Ban Sabai Resort Yoga Retreat

 RATING: 4/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

Chiang Mai yoga retreats
Hiking outside of Chiang Mai – looking down on the city

📍 Location: Bon Sabai Resort & Spa, Chiang Mai

🚌 Airport Transfer: Available for an additional fee

💥 Highlights: Private retreats, wellness activities

Ban Sabai is a boutique resort and spa that offers a variety of yoga and meditation retreats. Their yoga retreats are private – meaning your yoga sessions will be 1:1.

Each day you will begin with a yoga session and have the opportunity for a massage and wellness treatment (body scrub/steam/sauna/facial).

Nutrition is a big part of their retreats and the team will work with you 1:1 to develop a nutrition plan for your time there.

The resort is a serene and relaxing environment located just outside of the city center. You’ll stay in a beautiful private room with full access to the spa facilities, gym, and garden pool.

8) Wild Rose Yoga

 RATING: 4/5 | 📅 DATES: Multiple Dates | 💳 BOOK NOW

📍 Location: Old City, downtown Chiang Mai

🚌 Airport Transfer: No

💥 Highlights: Beautiful shala, packed daily schedule

If you aren’t looking for a retreat but just somewhere to practice yoga while you are in Chiang Mai I would be remiss without mentioning Wild Rose Yoga.

I practiced here many times and the studio is just beautiful. It’s woody and airy and everything you could want in a studio.

Wild Rose offers several classes. The instructors are from all around the world but all of the classes are taught in English. They do offer occasional retreats and yoga teacher training.

Must book classes ahead of time on WhatsApp.

Feeding elephants in Chiang Mai Thailand
Feeding the elephants at Elephant Nature Park

Reasons To Go on a Chaing Mai Yoga Retreat

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand. If you haven’t spent time in the north of Thailand I highly recommend it. Northern Thailand is known for its thick forested mountains and rugged terrain.

It is calmer than central/southern Thailand, but Chiang Mai specifically still has a small city feel.

There are more than 300 temples in Chiang Mai (some of which are truly jaw-dropping). They vary architecturally due to the mix of Thai, Burmese, and Lao influences in the north. The region is rich in culture and history.

Lush mountains of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a great home base for any outdoor adventures in the north. You can raft, trek through the jungle, visit elephant sanctuaries to observe (NOT ride or bathe) elephants, get lost on a moped, chase waterfalls, and so much more.

Traditionally people value a holistic approach to well-being in Thailand. Yoga, massage, nutrition and ayurvedic herbs are critical to health and wellness.

Thailand is relatively affordable as a whole, but the North specifically is very gentle on your wallet. Your money goes a long way, meaning you can stay in some amazing boutique hotels or partake in very special retreats for much less than you could in many other countries.

River in Chiang Mai
Taking a River Tour in Chiang Mai

And last but certainly not least, the food is incredible. Northern Thai food is a bit less spicy, this is due to the Burmese and Chinese influence.

You will also see some Persian-adapted dishes because Chiang Mai used to be a stop on the Silk Road. The food is a really neat peak into Thailand’s history – and so so good. TIP: Get Khao Soi!!!

FAQs: Chiang Mai Yoga Retreats

What is the best month to visit Chiang Mai?

January and February are the best months to visit Chaing Mai. The temperatures are moderate, there’s little rain, and this is when the cultural festivals occur. However, anytime between November and May is a good time to go. June through October is the rainy season and relatively quiet on the tourist front.

What is Chiang Mai famous for?

Chiang Mai is known for its ancient temples which can be found on almost every corner and in every countryside neighborhood. It’s known for its lush, mountainous terrain, waterfalls, and its food!

Does it snow in Chiang Mai?

It does not snow in Thailand.

Is Chiang Mai safe?

Chaing Mai is a relatively safe city, even for solo travelers. Just look out for typical scams like overcharging for a tuk-tuk or charging tourists for pre-existing damage to rental mopeds.

What to avoid in Chiang Mai?

Avoid animal tourism in Chiang Mai. Riding, petting, or taking photos with any animals is animal exploitation. Do not ride the elephants, do not bathe the elephants, do not pet the tigers, do not take photos with the monkeys, etc.

Can I ride an elephant in Chiang Mai?

No! technically you can, but please don’t. If a “sanctuary” is offering anything other than observing the elephants it is exploiting them.

Best elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai?

Elephant Nature Park. This is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center outside of Chiang Mai. You can spend the day observing the elephants, or volunteer to help prepare their food and do work around the property. There is NO RIDING and no bathing of the elephants here.

Elephant Nature Park

Final Note on Chiang Mai Yoga Retreats

I hope you found a yoga retreat in Chiang Mai that resonates with you. Northern Thailand is an incredible place with so much to do, so much to see, and so many wonderful people.

During your free time, or before and after your retreat, make sure to visit the many intricate temples and soak up the sights and sounds of the jungle.

I for one, cannot wait to get back to Thailand again to practice yoga.

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